As India is already liberalized its trade (unlike the 1971s days) it is not necessary for people to beg for a job. you can simply open up your imaginations and idea to set up your own business. As per the current market trends, it is quite natural you can develop your own products or any idea that can be provided as a service to different customers.

Precisely any YouTubers earn nothing aslo it requires some skills of video editing. so forget such things. but you can open your own edutech and keep promoting it as most of the edutech is also content-driven.

Each day new technology shifts from one concept to another some domains are booming and some of them are not flourishing at all. Some businesses are flourishing and some of them are falling behind. some of them are generating tons of money in billions and some of them are not at all. it is the way competitions are growing now.

Try selling your own products or try to provide services and never beg for a job from anyone. They are there to just exploit you.