I have worked with 14 different companies to gain knowledge and exposure. first I started with Conacent consulting service Pvt ltd. for a few months and implemented oracle EBS R12 in webbindia.this projects gave me another opportunity with Karshan technologies pvt ltd. Then I joined major and minor exims pvt ltd as oracle dba. thereafter I worked with tetra information service pvt ltd and others.In 2016 / 2017 I worked with Wizerthech informatics pvt ltd, Instadata and nextexpert and opened my organization with a few brands with my brothers eg. ZETTAGIGA, STAGFLIATE, ZETTADATEN, ZOQOLO, and CADENTIC, etc.

I struggled a lot since the day I started my carrier my salary was 5000 INR per month. But my carrier was growing back in those days with the teams and opportunities were coming for me from my referrals and networks.

Later in my carrier, I realized that I was gaining those jobs just because of nepotism and referrals which are dried out now.

Also the requirements for Oracle EBS DBA’s are not booming as they used to be so I need to hunt my own meals for myself the way I want.

I also realized that begging and bargaining each and every 5 and 6-month basis was not good for longer sustainability in my carrier.

So I established my own brands.